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Yale Law School (YLS) requires applicants to submit a word essay on a topic of the applicant's choice. The word essay, also called.
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And that is why a lot of additions information about this service is required for those who are working in this area. That is why so many people including me have found your article useful and helpful. And I hope to read more of them soon! Your Guide to a Higher Score. Yale Law School Admission Tips. Email This BlogThis! Posted by Steve Schwartz. Jonathan August 4, at AM. Yale Law School is an extraordinary community in which to study law.

Our world-renowned faculty teach a wide array of courses and there are countless opportunities.

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Yale Law School Admission Tips. Samson's Yale Law School admission tips: The word essay should make some Admissions Help; My tips are in blue. Yale SOM essay question.. Yale law school admissions statistics and analysis. Learn what you need to give yourself the best chance of admission to Yale Law School!.

Yale law school admissions essay tips

Studying Law at Yale. Yale Law School employs a need Law School; International This short video provides an overview of the writing process and tips to get you on the right track. Graduate Admission Essays: What Top 5 Successful Yale Essays.. Essay Topics All first-year Essays.

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Applicants Hear from Yale admissions officers about putting your best foot forward in the application. That was a time before blogs, discussion boards, chat rooms, AdmissionsDean.

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So, again, why would an applicant attend now? The webinars in particular have really allowed us to reach a lot of prospective applicants. Yale has not been immune to the downturn in the economy that we all experienced this year and, as a result, we had our travel budget cut. I would say, though, that if someone attends a college or university that we are not currently visiting — and they are not in close proximity to a forum or fair where that we might attend — then that person should approach their pre-law advisor and ask them to contact us to schedule something. We work very closely with undergraduate pre-law advisors in an effort to help them best accommodate their students.

After graduating from Yale Law School in , you were a law clerk for Hon. Juan R. Torruella, US. What made you make the move to come back to Yale to become the Associate Dean of Admissions?

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AR: It was a number of different factors. I would have loved to stay with the FBI longer — it was a great job and I often think I might go back. There was a confluence of factors, the first being we wanted to start a family. You see, my husband is an FBI agent as well and having two agents as spouses creates a lot of scheduling conflicts and is not very conducive to starting a family.

When I was hired, the dean at the time was Harold Koh who had been my professor while I was here and I thought it would be a great way for me to give back. So, there were a lot of different factors that came together at the right time, and I decided that the opportunity to come back and work at Yale was one I could not pass up — even if it meant giving up an amazing, exciting job with the FBI. What are the biggest changes you have noticed at the law school or New Haven since you were a student?

And what aspects of Yale remain timeless? Speaking from personal experience, I was in New Haven last spring for the first time in about 15 years for dinner with one of your professors, and I was blown away. It was so…. AR: Hip?

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I know. I love this city. I was very skeptical when I came to New Haven as a law student, having come from Princeton for undergrad — and as part of the rivalry between those two schools there are a lot of rumors and scary stories about New Haven. But I came here and really fell in love with the place. For one, our faculty has gotten bigger, so we have more people teaching more subjects. In terms of student life, there just seems to be a lot more going on now than while I was here. AD: Or is that true? Have you heard of other law schools offering massages to their students?

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AR: [Still laughing]. For instance, Dean Post is a huge movie buff, and he likes to do a movie night every few months. Following the film, Dean Post is going to lead a discussion about the film. AD: I guess those types of activities, or that sense of community, is easy to achieve at Yale because it is such a small school. You really can only achieve that sense of community by attending a small school like ours. Also, I should emphasize the sense of community that exists between our students. The collaboration between students and the mutual desire between classmates to see each other excel and achieve their full potential is what, in my mind, most stands out about Yale, making it such a special place.

AR: I think there are a number of factors going on. You are learning for yourself and not because you are going to end up above or below some curve. So our students have a mindset that they will really get out of the experience what they put into it, an attitude which we find motivates students to learn far more successfully than some arbitrary grading curve. The lack of formal grades and a strict grading curve is very liberating for our students — they are now free to learn the material for the sake of learning it and not because they are looking to achieve some letter grade in the class that will somehow give them a later advantage over one of their classmates.

So, again, they are not really competing with each other when they go after these employment opportunities because there are so few Yale students to begin with.

AR: [Laughing] I know, it was a great clerkship! But seriously, there were only of us and there were some who were interested in going back to Ohio or Tennessee, and some were interested in pursuing BigLaw jobs down in New York, Washington DC, or Chicago. Students here are really able to ask themselves what they really want to do and think outside the box without any pressure for conformity. And whatever your choice, your classmates here tend to be very supportive because, like I said, your decision to do something different is not a judgment of whatever choices they might have made.

AD: Yale Law has a pretty distinguished list of alumni. AR: Well, fortunately, I feel very little pressure because our entire faculty participates in the admissions process. Generally, the way it works is that I do the initial review of each application and at that point I have one of three options: 1 directly admit the person, 2 reject the person, or 3 to send the applicant file on for a faculty review.

We have 60 permanent faculty members, and all of them participate in the faculty review process. Each committee receives about 50 files, which the professors will then individually read and score. And, you have to remember that these are already files that have been pre-screened by me so they really are a very competitive bunch to begin with. Each reader is free to use his or her own criteria. They can give weight for some things and discount for others and do whatever they want to do to come up with their ratings system.